• Sifu Simon Chong has been my primary instructor for the internal martial arts and spiritual arts for the last 6 years; a relationship I hold close to my heart. I have studied the martial arts intensively for over 25 years under several Internationally acclaimed grandmasters, and honestly testify to Sifu Simon’s outstanding Martial Arts credentials. Sifu Simon is the real deal – a Taoist master of the Internal Arts who can teach any level student, novice to advanced, to find, develop and harness their internal power.

    My studies with Sifu Simon have been predominantly in Tai Chi and Taoist Meditation, both fields that require daily practice, continuous corrections and extreme patience to learn and progress. From the beginning of my training I have bombarded Sifu Simon with questions not only about physical stances and postures, but also perceptions, feelings and mental stances. These questions have always been answered in minute detail, without exception, and with much patience as the same key principles needed to be explained to me multiple times on multiple levels for me to gain full understanding.

    Tai Chi is a fundamental system that slowly instills itself into the muscle memory and builds a mental state of continuous internal awareness and meditative focus. Tai Chi has thus enhanced my Kung Fu practice, making my Kung Fu stronger as a combination of internal and external power. At this time in my training I can finally say that I can overcome opponents that rely on hard strength by becoming soft and fluid, empty of thought. And every class I realize that there are yet so many skills to gain and hardness to lose.

    Taoism is a way of life that meets any challenge on today’s societal structure with flexibility and an open mind. Sifu Simon is my main teacher when it comes to Taoist philosophy and Taoist meditation, and has helped me to identify and dissolve many perceptional filters and hurdles related to the ego. Although I have taken some significant steps in this field, I know there is a long road ahead of me and I will rely on Sifu Simon’s guidance for many interesting years to come.–Sifu Bob Noorduin

  • This is not the typical class you might get at a health club or a community centre. I have been taking Sifu Simon’s tai chi class for over 3 years now, and his combat class for just over 3 months. I would be lying if I said I have enjoyed it from the beginning, because I did not. I found learning the tai chi form very frustrating, as I am the type of person who wants to do it perfectly, right away. But once I was able to have some success it became enjoyable. Now I am in the same place with the combat class, presently it is very frustrating for me, but I know that I will start to enjoy it once I get better.

    Sifu Simon is a very good instructor. He has all levels in his class, from beginner to over 12 years of experience and he will teach to your level, [or just above it]. He has lots of patience, something he needs when it comes to me. He is very knowledgeable not only in the martial arts, but also natural health and Taoism.

    This is not the typical class you might get at a health club or a community centre. Classes are fairly small, so he is able to give you individual attention, and it is continuous as you can not learn the form in 12 weeks, no matter what someone says. Tai chi is for everyone, not just the elderly and it does not matter what your fitness level is. It is good for someone who needs to gently get back into exercise and it is good for someone who wants a good work out. If you do it properly you will sweat.

    If you are ready to improve your health and way of life, I would highly recommend taking Sifu Simon’s class.–Anne Guenther

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